1/21 Updates

Happy Sunday! Thanks for being patient! Both updates are contained in this post.

Hope these posts make up for the wait because both Valk and Nick make huge strides this post (Nick’s section in particular ripped me right down the middle). Also adorable Hana to boot.

I remember being so proud of these guys when I first read through this. If any of y’all have stuck with a project this long, you probably know how it is to see your characters begin to grow and rise to the occasion in their trials. It’s like a part of you is changing right along with them!

I’ll shut up and let you at it now. Take care of yourself, as always.

With Love, Oxer (And Wys too)

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1/07 Update: Reach

Hey everyone, happy Sunday! Lordie sakes, it feels like just yesterday that I wrote this; I think it was at some point in early September of last year? Time flies when you’re trying to learn how to be an adult.

Wys and I used to call a post where crazy stuff happened a ‘doozy.’ If anything, I think today’s update qualifies as that for both of my characters.

Enjoy, I love this one!

Featured Photo by Cherry Laithang

With Love, Oxer

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12/30 Update: Entrance

samuel-zeller-381181.jpgWell, 2017 is just about over. It’s been a hell of a year, but there’s been a lot of growth. Plus, Oxer and I were able to start this blog! Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us, whether you’ve been here since day one or this is the first post you’ve seen. I hope 2018 treats you well!

–Featured photo by Samuel Zeller

– Wysteria ❤

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12/26 Update: Stalemate

I am fashionably late! That never happens– I’m always anxiously early.

I loved writing Valk’s mental processes with this one. She’s a blast because, like I said, we’re very similar when we get freaked out. Wys, upon first reading this one, also said my tone was different from my normal posts; what do you think?

–Featured Photo by Glauco Zuccaccia

With Love, Oxer

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Update Delay: Will Be Posted 12/26

Hey y’all! Oxer here. It’s been a helluva stressful holiday for me– I’ve baked and cleaned and mucked out horse stalls so much that I doubt I could muster the strength for an update even today, a day late! Hosting is… fun. My apologies– be looking forward to more content tomorrow, 12/26. It’s a good one!