Get hype! After a whoopsie on Oxer’s part that Wys pointed out, we decided to post content for all four characters tomorrow– a double (quadruple?) feature, if you will. Everybody gets a chance to yell about how horrible being cooped up in a metal box with wheels and four other people is. How fun!

Here’s a little teaser for y’all, courtesy of a cranky Elias. Sharing the road with morning commuters really brings out the worst in somebody.

FullSizeRender (5)
                                                             The top floors of tall buildings are scary for multiple reasons.

“Morning traffic moves no faster if you honk at it, and with the force you are laying into the horn you will scuff the finishing,” I huff and lean back in my seat again, pretending to stare out the window with my hands behind my head when in reality I am trying not to strangle somebody.

After a week-long journey, we are nearing the outskirts of Lucerne. In the distance the office buildings rear up like enormous teeth towards the sky, their tops obscured by morning mist. Roads and concrete bridges spiral out of the city and they remind me of many veins, many arteries, leading to a single heart in the middle of it all. Veins and arteries that are clogged with trash and that have gaping cracks in their infrastructure, that is; this cardiovascular system does not look healthy.

I had turned off location services on my phone a while back so Father could not track me, thus we had had to use a traditional map purchased from a gas station outside of Innismuth. Seeing as Valkyrie is currently indisposed, I busy myself with figuring out which exit we are to take and try to ignore the… noisy driving.

Nonetheless, my powers snap to life on my left hand and I put them out before I can decimate the map.

I can’t wait for you guys to see the full sections! Wys and I have worked so hard.

Much Love (and anticipation!), Oxer  ♥


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