The Authors

Oxer is a ditzy but kindhearted kid who travels back and forth from the country to the city to attend university. She majors in professional journalism and has a minor in Spanish / Portuguese studies. She writes for both Elias and Valkyrie, two characters that are featured in her novel slated to hit shelves soon. Tea, art, horses, cats, playing her musical instruments, and obviously writing are some of her favorite things! In addition to Saligiare, she also interns at the Odyssey Online! You can view some of her journalistic works here: {x}


Wysteria, the other half of Saligiare, is a buff history buff and a strong believer in the Oxford comma. She writes for Phoenix and Hana, who will hopefully appear in their own work someday. Outside of writing, she spends her time with cats, video games, and her viola.


|Character Bios|


“I took Father’s black Jaguar. He is going to kill me.”
Elias Crane Blackmore / Age 21 / Meteorite Control and Summoning

Elias is a redheaded heart breaker who can flirt like Eros himself and has the looks to match. He is very much so attracted to other men and is not afraid to show it (Hana would appreciate it if he would keep his eyes off of her brother). Silver-tounged and a talented negotiator, he is not above manipulating his foes to get what he or his team needs. That said, he tries his hardest to be “gentlemanly” and seems to at least have morals, thus appearing to be one giant walking contradiction. He is never seen with his hair unbraided or without a ruby bolo tie around his neck.


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“I try to block out the light, try to just… disappear.”
Valkyrie “Valk” Amethyst Faucher / Age 19 / Aura manipulation

Valkyrie is a self-dubbed “professional nervous wreck.” For reasons unknown to anyone but herself she is often seen having crying fits or randomly shaking. Despite this and her perpetual stutter, her observations about the world tend to be quite snarky and she swears like a sailor. She originally found Phoenix and Hana after her skin began to glow with mysterious runes, a feature that persists to this day. She is never without her cloaks, which she makes herself and have a variety of colors and patterns. Many things will set Valkyrie off into a nervous meltdown, including but not limited to yelling and the removal of her hood. She loves spending time with her cats and writing poetry.


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“If you give me your hands, I can take away some of your pain.”
Phoenix “Nick” Jasper Thourne / Age 20 / Life Energy Manipulation

The group’s certified teddy bear and a professional giver of hugs, Phoenix spends most of his time trying to help everyone else. As a result, he’s always some degree of exhausted. His “golden retriever reincarnated” personality led him to run off in the middle of the night to help Valkyrie, pursued by his (slightly overprotective, non-biological) sister Hana.


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“If life were that easy, I wouldn’t be watching reality TV at ass o’clock in the morning.”
Hana Anjali Izumi / Age 19 / Delayed Pain Response

Hana proudly owns her title as the ultimate older sister figure and tank extraordinaire. She likes hair dye, solves most of her problems by punching them, and has an affinity for strange metaphors. She and Phoenix use the buddy system for just about everything, so when he ran off to help a glowing girl at some stranger’s house, she had little choice but to follow suit.