10/21 Update

Looking back, this is probably one of my favorite sections. The minute I found the right poems, everything just clicked together, but I won’t spoil too much.

Enjoy the update! No picture for now, but we’re working on it. We’ll keep you updated.

– Wysteria ❤

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10/15 Update

Good evening! I’ve still got work to do, so I’ll keep this one short and sweet: If today hasn’t gone well, take your meds if you have them, pet a cat, tell somebody you love them, get some sleep. Fail-safe way for things to at least get a little better.

Love y’all! Have an update.

With Love (Obviously), Oxer

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10/14 Update

4550ADF2-57DD-49DB-8A03-491C0BD7503DLook at that beautiful photography. If that doesn’t feel like autumn, I don’t know what does. In the same vein, enjoy this emotional rollercoaster of a post! It only gets better from here. Or worse, depending on your perspective.

– Wysteria ❤

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10/8 Update

Happy Sunday! Fall has truly set in up here; all the leaves are nice and pretty and I’ve been drinking too many pumpkin coffee things for my own good.

When Wys and I began to plot out Gluttony, we really wanted Hana and Valk to get a chance to bond, as it felt like we hadn’t delved into that enough. For the next few weeks, therefore, we’ll be running what we informally called The Nightmare Exchange– a section where we let our resident tank and nervous wreck have the spotlight!

Writing these portions, for me, was always therapeutic. Yes, Valk may be borderline having a meltdown but she and I have similar mental processes when we get overloaded like this. It’s enlightening for me to work them out on paper, and seeing a neurodivergent character in print, even if it’s in my own work, is very reassuring to me.

(No stuffed cats were harmed in the taking of this photograph.)

Much Love, Oxer

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10/1 Update

Can we just take a minute to acknowledge how freaking cute Hana was is Wys’s last post? I remember when she originally wrote it I wouldn’t shut up over how good of a job she did. As a girl who also likes girls, I’ll say that Hana’s epiphany hits close to home!

Here’s the day’s update! We’ve had a bit more traffic lately so welcome to hell, new readers! Enjoy your stay.

–With love, Oxer

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9/24 Update


It’s late, but I managed to get a photo and update out today for y’all! This part of Gluttony was always super entertaining to work with: softness and warmth from one angle, sheer terror from another.

Enjoy, and take care of yourself this week.

With Love, Oxer

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9/23 Update

Fall has begun! It’s still ridiculously warm over here, but it’s the thought that counts. I’m looking forward to sweater weather. I’d wear them all year if it wasn’t so damn hot.

On the cooler side of the weather spectrum, enjoy this update! The picture will be added soon.

– Wysteria ❤

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