Written By Oxer

If the answer to your question isn’t here, feel free to leave a comment or email us! We’ll get back to you as soon as time permits.

How did you guys manage to write all of this?

It’s a bit of a long story (no pun intended). Basically this story is written in what is called RP format. This means that, above basic plot and pacing stuff, neither my cowriter nor I know what the other will write next! We essentially are going into this whole thing blind and that’s what makes it loads of fun. In other words, if you asked me what, say, Phoenix  will do next I will not be able to tell you because I honestly don’t know. Every observation our characters make about one another, too, is garnered solely from the text readers can see.

It’s also what makes it confusing to read at times. Each character, more or less, recounts the same events from his or her unique perspective, and there can be an overlap between characters. Think about you and three other people going to see a movie– each of your retellings of that experience is going to be a little different, sometimes wildly so. This contrast also makes Saligiare fun to read! Valkyrie, for example, is going to see the exact same situation in a very different way than Hana (or maybe not!), and this allows both readers and us writers to know our characters better.

Why haven’t you guys updated in weeks/days/hours/seconds?

We’re probably busy! Both of us are full time students with lives outside of our work. Please be understanding! We try to bring you guys the best content we can. In addition, we could be plotting/scheming/yelling at the wall because of writer’s block. Normally I’ll try and get something out there if one of us is having problems, but if we vanish assume life is getting in the way.

I don’t like the way the story is going!

Okay! You don’t have to read it then. This started as a project for my cowriter and I to have fun with, and above all that is how it will remain. That being said, we welcome respectful feedback if you so choose.

Why does X do/say Y here? It doesn’t make sense.

A lot of this, but not all of it, you’ll see in my (Oxer’s) sections and it has to do with the way I write my characters. I tend to leave small clues throughout my posts that give hints to my character’s inner issues or pasts that they outwardly may not be so vocal about. As you read on and more is revealed, everything will make sense, I promise.

Can I write fanfic/do fanart etc.?

OK, I know it sounds really arrogant to be putting this question here, but the answer to this question is yes please! So long as you mention the owners of the characters and do not claim the work or idea as your own. We put a lot of work into this story and I know I would be heartbroken to see it stolen. That said, I would probably die of happiness if somebody liked my work enough to do fan stuff, and I’m guessing my cowriter would too.

Header image copyright 
Nynaeve on Colourlovers. Thank you for the lovely pattern!   

“The Odyssey” excerpt from http://classics.mit.edu/Homer/odyssey.1.i.html

Fragments of Sappho from http://www.uh.edu/~cldue/texts/sappho.html 




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