3/31 Update: Reveal

meric-dagli-408854-unsplash.jpgHappy Saturday! The weather is finally nice over here. Hallelujah.

This update includes Oxer’s portion from last weekend – we decided to lump it in with this update for simplicity’s sake. The two sections flow very well together, too. Enjoy!

Featured photo by Meriç Dağlı

– Wysteria ❤

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Update Postponed!

I’m going to postpone today’s update until I can calm the absolute heck down. Anxiety is a bear. I’ll try to have something up for you guys this week, but my schedule is looking pretty tight. I apologize.

With Love, Oxer

3/18 Update: Dual

Happy Sunday! I’ve been on Spring Break this week, but it hasn’t been much of a break. My professors have been giving me so many projects. I’m going to have to go back to school pretending like I’m well-rested and ready to roll, when in reality I’m just as exhausted and dead on the inside as I was before I left. Crap.

Today’s update under the cut! If you thought Elias was going to just roll with this, well… you’ll see.

Featured Photo By Alex Holeyoake

With Love, Oxer

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Updates Postponed

Oxer and I have both had hectic weekends, so we’ve decided to take this week off in terms of updates. But never fear – we’ll be back as usual next week. Thank you for your patience!

– Wysteria ❤

3/04 Update: Read


Good morning / afternoon / evening! Today we had the weirdest freezing rain; when I went out to take care of the horses, it was like dippin’ dots were falling from the sky. I still have red marks on my cheeks from it! This update, I promise, is much more enjoyable than being pelted by balls of ice.

I had to do a bit of rearranging with this one to make it more readable. As always, I didn’t write either of Nick or Hana’s parts.

On another note, after this we’ll be running in to what we call the Snowfall Exchange! Nick and Elias have a lot to talk over, so for the next few weeks they will take the spotlight, as Hana and Valk did in the Nightmare Exchange.

Be looking forward to it! I won’t say much, but I think it’s the sweetest thing Wys and I have written so far.

Featured photo by Benjamin Child

With Love, Oxer

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2/25 Update: Close

Good morning / afternoon / evening! I just finished a wonderful/terrible book and I have eyeliner smeared all over my face from crying. I’m also a one-winged-wonder at this point; rest in pieces, Oxer’s makeup.

Update is under the cut, as always! I really appreciate this section; it’s a well-deserved opportunity to slow down.

Featured photo by Kacper Szczechla.

With love, Oxer

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