Confirmed Posting Days

Salutations! I’m still stuck in the countryside. Stuff has been crazy these past few days, but I’m happy to give you guys concrete weekly posting dates for the story! At least until the school year begins and we all go back to hell. For the summer:

Wysteria (Hana and Phoenix) will be updating the blog on Thursdays.

Oxer (Valkyrie and Elias) will be updating the blog on Sundays.

Look forward to new material and our next sin-fighting adventure– Sloth! With 50% more gay, 200% more broken elevators, and a healthy dose of road rage.

With love (and excitement!), Oxer ♥


Weekly News Updates?

Goodness, it’s been quiet in the countryside today. Super grey but not rainy, which I can’t stand. I’m so sleepy!

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with the idea of running a rough weekly news update for all returning readers. This would include things such as:

  • Changes in posting schedules
  • If a double-feature week is coming up
  • Headcanons — things that will probably never make their ways into the story but are entertaining to think about anyway
  • Reader-generated content– art/writing/etc. sent in to us, the writers
  • Questions about the story for discussion in the comments section
  • Anything else suggested in the comments below!

I’m not sure how much use this would have right now as the blog is still very small-scale and I don’t know how many of you are returning for more content. We’d appreciate a little input from those who are– how far along you are in the story for example. Wys and I are currently debating when to start weekly updates.

Let us know what you guys think. We’re totally open to input and want to make your reading of this story as fun as possible!

With Love, Oxer ♥

Prologue and Pride

Elias's Tea
When one’s sister begins to glow with mysterious runes, a night of paranormal research is most certainly in order.

Greetings from the Countryside!

It’s been a helluva job to edit all this material and bring it to you, but Wysteria and I are beyond proud to present the prologue and first installment to Saligiare!

What started as a simple roleplay between two strangers has, over the course of almost a year, become something more important in our lives than either of us imagined. The story you see below these paragraphs is the product of countless hours spent plotting, worldbuilding, and admittedly yelling about shipping our OC’s– essentially being a two-person fandom.


Part One: Pride

After this blog has a little time to get a following, we will continue updating weekly. All future material will be posted directly to the blog and not in PDF form (I gave myself a stress headache putting those two PDFs together on my ancient machine).

We both hope you enjoy reading our gay paranormal superhero tale as much as we did writing it!

With love, Oxer ♥