12/23 Update: Formal

Happy holidays! Finally, the stress of the winter is over and we can start to actually enjoy this time of year. Hoorah.

Once again, we’ve got an Unsplash image, this time by Stas Ovsky! Enjoy the update, and I hope your Christmas (if you celebrate it) is relaxing.

– Wysteria ❤

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12/4 Update: Lassitude

Good morning/evening/afternoon! I’m not gonna say much for this one because my Wi-Fi is absolute shit right now and it is making me mad.

Have a (late and photoless) update! This part, Lust, is one of my favorites, but I say that about everything in this story. I reread this part the most frequently out of all of them, I think.

With Love, Oxer

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11/26 Update: Stride

Hey y’all! Hope this week didn’t burn you out too badly, whether you celebrate the American holiday Thanksgiving or not.

Also, have any of you all gotten the new Animal Crossing game for IOS? I can’t seem to get into it, but I’m sure I’ll fall into hell soon enough.

Have an update! Elias’s portion was pretty self-indulgent at the time I wrote it. He’s such a hopeless romantic.

With love, Oxer

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11/25 Update: Sunrise

Hello hello! I hope you all had a relaxing Thanksgiving, if you celebrated it. It’s a weird time of year. Oxer and I are feeling the effects, unfortunately, so no photo this time around. There’s a lot of good content otherwise, though, so enjoy!

– Wysteria ❤

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